Self Contained Lock Deposit Bag

Self Contained Lock Deposit Bag

  • Made In U.S.A.
  • Ultimate in high security
  • Overcast seams for strength
  • Curved corners for easy access
  • Tamper resistant
  • Three types of locks
  • Three keying choices
  • Numbering available at no extra charge
  • Multiple cloth and color choices
  •  Laminated Nylon, 1000 Denier Cordura, Troy Vinyl, 18 oz. Canvas, and Imperial Nylon
  • Imprint area depends on optional windows or sequential numbers

This bag offers the ultimate in high security protection of contents. The inside seams are overcast to provide strength and reinforcement. The curved corner provides easier access to the contents and prevents the bag from hanging up in the night deposit chute. Framed name tag holders are available as an option. The locks are secured with solid steel pins for greater protection and tamper resistant security. The locks may be keyed alike, keyed differently (random) or keyed to a master key. All of these keyway options are available in the 7-Pin Pop Up Lock, 6-Disk Pop Up Lock and 6-Disc Swing Lock. These bags are available in Laminated Nylon, 1000 Denier Cordura, Troy Vinyl, 18 oz. Canvas, and Imperial Nylon.

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18oz Canvas, Cordura, Imperial Nylon, Laminated Nylon, Troy Expanded Vinyl

Locking Systems


6-Disc Swing Lock
Same 6-disc tumbler system that is Used in the Pop-Up Series. The primary difference is that the locking Plunger does not pop-up, however it swings at 90 degrees and the key can be removed while in the open position. Can not be used with KFLS.

7-Pin Pop Up Lock
Heavy duty high quality lock with a 7-Pin tumbler system for superior security. Key remains in the lock while in the open position unless you request the Key Free Lock System (KFLS).

6-Disc Pop Up Lock
Contains a 6-disc tumbler mechanism. Has a pop-up 360 degree swivel plunger for easy zipper maneuverability. Key can be removed while lock is in open position. Excellent for use in a cash system where keys are not always issued with the bags. (KFLS is available on this lock.)

Bag Sizes

Style Code Size Weight
051 10″ W X 7″ H 50/28 Lbs
052 10 1/2″ W X 9″ H 50/32 Lbs
053 12″ W X 9″ H 50/32 Lbs
054 16″ W X 12″ H 50/44 Lbs

Keying Options

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