Take a look at some of the various ways different bag types are utilized and different functionalities each bag offers. Have a bag use not listed? Email us, we’d love to hear from you!

They’re not just for money! Custom made to fit your customer’s needs; they are our most versatile product.  Key rings, snap hooks, and carabineers may be added to any of our zipper bags.

  • Vehicle Dealership – present to new owners with paperwork and manual for glove box.  Add a framed window to hold a business card for quick dealer reference.
  • Schools – pencil bags with the school logo.  Makes a great fundraiser or item for the school spirit store.  By adding grommets and web, the zipper bag fits perfectly into a 3-ring notebook.
  • Doctors, Dentists, Orthodontists – patients paperwork can be confidentially distributed, diabetic supplies, orthodontic rubber bands, floss, brush, etc can be stored, and optometrists can hand out contact lens.
  • Travel clubs & agencies – the zipper bag makes a great way to store travel documents, tickets, coupons and small travel items.
  • Churches – the short zipper top bags are used by many churches to hold new member and church information.  These are handed out to church visitors.
  • The smaller 5” x 3” or 7” x 3” bags are great self-promotions.  In additional they are welcome handouts for trade shows, grand openings, and outings.  Financial institution can give them out to children who open their first savings account.

This is one of our most popular items and its uses are endless.  It’s a great organization tool.  Standard sizes available or customize the size to fit the need.

  • Attorneys – this bag can be used for all legal paperwork for clients.
  • Realtors – all paperwork pertaining the selling & buying can be kept in one convenient bag.
  • Funeral Homes – this bag is used to put all paperwork for the family of the deceased; deeds, memorial cards and book, and thank you notes.
  • Educational facilities – Great bag for faculty, students, sports or the arts.  This bag can be imprinted with the schools logo and makes for an excellent fundraiser.
  • Transportation and travel – organizing paperwork for trucking companies, airline manuals, maps & guidebooks are just a few of the many uses.
  • Seminars – use this bag to store all paperwork related to specific classroom seminars; tablet, pen, handouts, brochures and books.

When high security is a must, our wide variety of bags with locks will meet the needs.  Our standard sizes range from 10” x 7” up to 24” x 20” x 10” or we can make the bag to fit the specific situation.

  • Courier Services – when transferring money or paperwork via a courier service, this bag is the tops in security.  Locks can be master keyed, keyed alike or keyed differently.
  • Financial Institutions – these bags have long been used to meet the needs of customers for their deposits whether the bags are dropped into a night box or delivered personally, they are a perfect way to promote the business.
  • Hospitals & medical facilities – when confidentiality is needed to transfer sensitive patient records, this bag provides that service.
  • Vending Operations – self-contained lock bags are given to drivers who service the vending machines so they can lock the contents for security.
  • Pharmaceutical – the contents may not be money but the shipment is just as valuable to transfer.  This bag will offer the necessary security.

Designed specifically for newspaper communication, these versatile bags can be over the shoulder style or over the head style

  • Special events – concerts, air shows, auto races, or sports events – great for programs, snacks or souvenirs.

Both gusseted and non-gusseted styles are perfect inter-office courier bags.  They are more economical then paper envelopes and can be used over and over again.

  • Medical facilities – the capability of securing the zipper closes by way of a secure tie or small padlock, makes this a perfect bag for transferring confidential paperwork.
  • Financial institutions – this bag is an important item for transferring paperwork between branch offices.
  • Retail chains – transmitting paperwork from the various stores back to a central location, this bag makes the job easy for grocery, discount, drug and other retail chains

These bags contain a double drawstring and are great for promotions.

  • Coin Shops – rather than using a paper sack, the store can advertise their name and give away a bag with the sale of coins.
  • Financial institutions – not only are they used for coins, these drawstring bags are a great promotional tool for advertising the event or establishment.

One of the biggest markets around, funeral homes & crematories are a great source for sales.

  • Military facilities – while the flag bag is purchased mainly by funeral homes, the local volunteer organizations are also potential customers; VFW, American Legion, etc.
  • Reserved seat markers – made in nylon veltex flock, this seat marker can be used by churches to reserve pews for weddings, special members, as well as funerals.  In addition, they can be used for school functions or any event where seats need to be set aside for special occasions.
  • Jewelry Bags – made with a zipper or a drawstring, these items can be used for all types of small trinkets or treasures.

In addition to golf outings, our flags, shoe bags and accessory bags can be used for many different promotions.

  • Flags – grand openings and special events
  • Shoe bags – upscale giveaways, travel agencies, hotels, etc.
  • Accessory bags – with a variety of sizes and attachments, these bags can be used for camping, biking, running, sporting events, and entertainment facilities.  They accommodate a cell phone, money, camera, hand sanitizer or any small items that need to be close at hand.

When you only need a small quantity of special event bags, we can make as few as a dozen.

  • Team sports – put the sports & school logo on the bag for wrestling, gymnastics, baseballs, volleyball, martial arts, Special Olympics, etc.
  • Dance teams,  drill teams, and club groups
  • Professions – EMT, military, police, and fire

While imports are less expensive, our minimum is fifty pieces and can be customized to fit your needs.  Our cloth bags can be used over and over, not thrown away.

  • Libraries, schools, gift shops, military recruiters, and grocery store
  • Hospitals, travel agencies, fundraising events
  • Trade shows and seminars

All of our products are American made custom items so we can design and quote on almost any cloth bag.

  • Election supply bags for election boards
  • Library, post office, company mail rooms, hospitals
  • Education facilities, government offices, military